Sunday, 31 December 2017

Don't buy from Pswpower!

Considering buying from Pswpower?  Read on for some sobering advice...

Recently I purchased an electric bike kit.  I wanted to try out the torque sense system in a Chinese mid-mounted motor setup.

I have all the bike tools I could possibly need and plenty of electronics knowledge.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that a love a great deal!  To that end I decided to go with a kit rather than a complete bike and to order direct from China using AliExpress.  I ordered the VLCD5 + TSDZ2 electric bike kit (no battery) from Pswpower and Samsung cell battery from another seller to get the best deal on each.

The battery took about 4 weeks to arrive.  The delay was in part due to 1 week for assembly (I guess they are made to order?) plus a mysterious 2 week delay after arriving in Australia (security measures for battery imports?).  The order from Pswpower arrived in an impressive 4 days!  However, my feelings about the 2 AliExpress vendors were soon to be reversed.

The electric bike kit remained in the box for 3 weeks while I waiting for the battery to arrive.  When the battery finally arrived I installed the kit. I found I had to fabricate a custom aluminium bracket to suit my bike frame, but for me this was all part of the fun!  Overall installation was easy.

First problem I encountered was speed display quickly shot up to 99.9km/h at walking pace.

My oscilloscope confirmed the speed sensor hall effect device was faulty.  Multiple pulses from the sensor during single pass of the magnet.

When I contacted Pswpower about the faulty sensor I was told I had to pay for a replacement sensor.

When I pushed for the item to be replaced under warranty I received this:

But I had more issues.  I frequently saw E04 error and the system stops working altogether. 

Confusing wording in initial response from Pswpower left me curious.

At least the next response was clearer.

And, the torque sensing system had problems too.  It worked ok on initial take off but after coming to a stop and attempting to take off again the torque sense no longer functions and I am left pedalling without any electric help!

I asked again for warranty replacement from Pswpower and I received:
Hmm...  maybe a template response?

That's where I am today.  AliExpress buyer protection has expired too so I am not able to open a dispute via the AleExpress website.  I am left with a completely unusable electric bike and a seller that won't honour their warranty.

My advice: Don't buy from Pswpower.

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